A+ Driving School takes pride in offering behind the wheel, helping to instill techniques and skills to assist our teens in todays society with being a safer and better defensive driver. We invite you to join us. 

If you have already…

  1. Completed your driver’s education classroom instruction,
  2. Driven the required 45 hours with your parents,
  3. Are 17 or younger, this Behind the Wheel class is for you.
  4. AS OF JULY 1st 2022 ALL students in the state of Virginia are REQUIRED to complete the 90 minute PARENT/TEEN component.   THIS MUST BE COMPLETED FOR YOU TO RECEIVE YOUR CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION FOR THIS CLASS

As required by DMV, you spend two periods of time (50 minutes each) observing and driving each day for seven days. You will learn how to drive in residential areas, the city and on the interstate. You’ll learn right of way rules, defensive driving techniques, street signs, and the proper attitude to have while driving. We will also teach you to change lanes, parking and backing up.

Since we are certified by DMV, we administer the road test on the last day of class and there’s no need to go to DMV because we provide your temporary driver’s license.

We offer free pickup and drop-off for students living in Stafford County, Fredericksburg and most of Spotsylvania County. Those living in other areas may have to meet at a designated meeting location.

We schedule new students every week, just click on your location below, then choose the week you would like to do your behind the wheel and get registered today!

The cost for Behind the Wheel is $350

Please fill out and return the Behind the Wheel – Under 18 Agreement Form

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