What better way to help our teenagers than helping them learn how to drive? That is the foundation on which A+ Driving School, LLC was established in 2006.

Teenagers are driving every day and making life or death decisions from the moment they get behind the wheel. A+ Driving School hopes to educate them and teach them to make the best choices when on the road. By doing so, we hope to lower the staggering number of teenagers killed in car accidents every day.

Our educational facility is located in Fredericksburg, Va., and we serve Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania, King George and Stafford counties, and Woodbridge.

The staff and instructors at A+ Driving School are determined to do everything we can to assist in lowering the these statistics through educating each and every student to be a defensive driver. We recognize teen motor vehicle crashes are preventable, and proven strategies can improve the safety of young drivers on the road.


  1. The best staff and instructors are here to serve you. We recognize the enormous responsibility of driving and take it seriously. Our instructors are passionate about educating our students and draw from a broad array of experience. A majority of them have experience teaching in a school system. And, all of them are licensed with DMV certifications and have passed yearly FBI background checks. Caring and patient are among the attributes they bring to our school, and each makes safety his or her No. 1 priority whether it’s behind the wheel or in the classroom.
  2. Safety is our No.1 priority. Practicing safety behind-the-wheel starts with us.We recognize that teaching and exemplifying safe techniques save lives. It is our goal to lower the number of teen driving deaths in our local areas.
  3. We provide you peace of mind.You can rest assured you or your child will be in the car with somebody who cares and is teaching him the proper driving techniques. We go through tougher certifications than a school teacher. Every year, we have to have an FBI background check. And, every 12 months our instructors are re-certified with DMV.
  4. You can rely on us to take care of you. We work with you and provide flexible class schedules We do this full-time, seven days a week. We rarely cancel a class. This is a valuable service that sets us apart in the region.
  5. We are a recognized leader in driver education. Our school leads in offering a wide range of driving education courses and classes to improve driving skills for both new and seasoned drivers. We pride ourselves on offering the most up-to-date, state-certified lessons to improve your quality of driving while teaching you confidence, defensiveness, and alertness while on the road.
  6. We’ll put you on the road to successful driving. We are committed to providing quality education in hopes it will help in the day-to-day decisions you will make as you drive. And, we know we can make a difference one student at a time.