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Our son really enjoyed behind the wheel with Nikki. She was very prompt, friendly and professional! Keep up the great work, Nikki! Thank you!
Date of Posting: 30 January 2012
Posted By: Penny Lloyd
Mr. Lyser was a great person to have teaching me the ways of the road, I don't know what I would have done with out him. He knows exactly what to do in every situation. He can answer your questions in mulitipule different ways as well show you until you understand. I could not have been givin a better teacher. Shout out to Mr.L thanks for being so terrific ! Your a great teacher & friend ! Apperciate you very much! Need to learn how to drive with some one who has pacients and wants to help u succeed in every way? Mr. L is your man ! Thank you again so much for helping me succeed my goal of getting my license and becoming a great driver. :)
Date of Posting: 23 January 2012
Posted By: Jordan
Mr. Lysher was a great instructor. I was nervous when I first started. He answered all of my questions and was patient when I made mistakes. I have recommended A+ driving school to my friends.
Date of Posting: 13 January 2012
Posted By: Briana K
I loved driving with my teacher Nikki.She was easy to talk to and was not mean and didnt create stress while i was driving. she clearly points out mistakes and gives you easy pointers to not make the mistake again. i love A+ driving school, it made me feel safer as a driver as i prepare to drive alone and go into the real world!
Date of Posting: 08 January 2012
Posted By: Shelby Furman
I couldnt have had a better teacher than Mr. Lysher. I had tons of questions and he answered every single one of them 100% He corrected my mistakes by telling me ways to improve instead of just telling me that I messed up. I felt like he wasnt just a teacher, but a friend as well. I was nervous at first, but he made me feel comfortable so i could relax. I really appreciate having him as my teacher!
Date of Posting: 18 December 2011
Posted By: Alyson Mabry
If anyone wants to know the secret of being a good driver then you should take this A+ driving school with Mr. Pete Lysher. He taught me everything about the road and now I'm an excellent driver. Props to Mr. Lysher and his method of teacher. Yea mon
Date of Posting: 13 December 2011
Posted By: nizal mir
stafford, VA
Ah, Mr. Lysher you are beyond cooler then ice, I can now drive alone whenever and if I notice a mistake..I'll always have your voice in my head giving me directions. I'll recommend A+ plus driving school to any student who wants to get there license and don't forget Mr. Pete Lysher. Yeah mon
Date of Posting: 11 December 2011
Posted By: Nizal Mir
stafford, VA
Mr. Lysher was the Behind the Wheel driving instructor for both my daughters. We were very impressed with his calm demeanor and professional instructions. I have recommend Mr. Lysher and A+ to two other young ladies who will be taking Behind the Wheel instruction shortly.
Date of Posting: 21 November 2011
Posted By: Elaine Marsh
Stafford, VA
I cant say enough wonderful things about Mr. Lysher. He immediately puts students and parents alike at ease with his easy going style and personality. He has now trained/coached 4 out of 5 of our kids with utmost knowledge and professionalism and will most definitely be getting # 5 in 1 1/2 short yrs. # 4 just finished her behind the wheel today and the 3 others before her have NEVER had a speeding ticket or accident to date! I would strongly recommend Pete Lysher & would never use anyone else as he is the BEST!!! Most Sincerely, Lorrie A. Stott
Date of Posting: 20 November 2011
Posted By: Lorrie Stott
I believe one of the greatest moments in life for a teenager is the day they get to drive and one of the scariest for a parent. After driving with my son for many months I turned him over to A+ Driving School and Peter Lysher. I was so happy to hear from my son how much he was still learning and the incredible instruction he was receiving from Mr. Lysher. He had a great rapport with my son and I heard daily different things he gained in experience while driving. I know having Mr. Lysher for a instuctor has given my son more confidence and respect for the road. Thank you A+ Driving and Mr. Lysher, see you in 6 years with the next one!
Date of Posting: 07 November 2011
Posted By: Cindi Sweeney
Stafford, VA

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