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I enjoyed Behind the Wheel with A+ Driving School. Mr. Lysher was my instructor and I felt comfortable and confident from start to finish with him. He was very patience with me, but made sure that I understood what he was teaching me at the time. There was never a dull moment! Thank you A+ and Mr. L for getting me on the roads I appreciate it.
Date of Posting: 06 September 2012
Posted By: Apriljoy Brown
I am so happy that we chose A+ driving for my daughter's instruction. Mr. Lysher was the perfect instructor. He instilled confidence, provided valuable driving tips and made her very comfortable throughout the entire session. I have and will continue to not only recommend A+ but will specifically direct friends to ask for Mr. Lysher by name for their new drivers.
Date of Posting: 23 July 2012
Posted By: Cynthia J
Mr. Lysher is absolutely excellent! Mr. Lysher taught my son last year and my daughter this year. He is a great teacher and was terrific with the kids. Mr. Lysher provided very good instruction and, just as importantly, the kids were very comfortable working with him. They gained confidence in their driving ability from a compassionate teacher. We highly recommend Mr. Lysher!
Date of Posting: 29 May 2012
Posted By: Raga Elim
United States
Small wonder it's called A+ Driving School because that's what we would give Pete Lysher for the way he has worked with our two daughters and will be working with our son when the time comes. Very personable and with a demeanor suited for this line of work, Pete is the perfect instructor for your child. All aspects were covered and he made sure our children had a full understanding of the rules and responsibilities of driving. Thanks Pete!
Date of Posting: 23 May 2012
Posted By: Kevin Koch
We've had our two kids go through the A Plus Driving School with Pete Lysher. First, Pete is a terrific person and great teacher. Both kids learned excellent skills and I noticed a difference their mastery of driving abilities after they spent time with Pete. They were more observant on the road, had better scanning skills, and lane changing skills, were better at determining turning speeds as well as overall more confident and less prone to making mistakes. I cannot recommend A Plus and Pete Lysher enough. Great experience for all of us!
Date of Posting: 22 May 2012
Posted By: Lori M
After just one week of driving, I finally got my license. Thank you Mr. L. I highly recommend that anyone who wants to learn how to drive--go to A+ driving, and ask for Mr. Lysher. He made the driving setting very comfortable for me. I enjoyed my time with him, and greatly appreciate it. Thanks Mr. L.--you're the best!
Date of Posting: 18 May 2012
Posted By: Sabrina Vincenty
Dumfries, VA
Mr. Lysher was my daughter's behind the wheel teacher and he did an amazing job of teaching her how to drive. He assured me that my daughter will be in good hands and also gave off a good attitude. This won't be the last time I see Mr. L because he will be teaching my son how to drive next along with the rest of my children! I thank him for all of his help!
Date of Posting: 02 April 2012
Posted By: Pisawat Sanginthirath
Fredericksburg, Virginia
I am a Massaponax High School student and Pete Lysher did an amazing job as a driving instructor! He had a great attitude and gave great tips on driving on small roads, highways, and on the interstate. He would always made sure bad habits with driving were replaced with good driving habits which helped me gain a better understanding of the roads. I enjoyed his company and appreciate his help with earning my license!
Date of Posting: 02 April 2012
Posted By: Phine Piyakoun
Fredericksburg, Virginia
Nikki is an awesome instructor, she knows what she's doing.
Date of Posting: 01 April 2012
Posted By: Ian
A-plus driving school was great. The behind the wheel teacher was really calm and easy going, if I could I would go again. But the teacher taught me all the things I need to know about driving and other stuff.
Date of Posting: 01 April 2012
Posted By: Benjamin Kennedy
Stafford, Virginia

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