If you’ve received a ticket for reckless or aggressive driving and are preparing to go to court, this four hour class may be for you. Likewise, we see many parents sending their teenagers to this class. Its a great source of information.

This class is a one day class usually from 5-9:30pm. Click here to see schedule & register.
The fee for the class is $75 payable the day of class either cash or money order (made payable to A+ Driving School).
You must have a state issued ID such as one of the following:
1. DMV ID, Learners permit or Drivers License
2. Passport with your social security card.
3. Birth Certificate with your social security card.
4. School ID and Social Security Card
5. Passport with DMV letter containing your Customer #
6. Birth Certificate and DMV letter containing your Customer #
7. School ID with DMV letter containing your DMV Customer #
If you do not have any combination of Identification listed above please speak to someone at the office to see if there are any other options.
Make sure you know why you are attending this class. If you have any paperwork from DMV, the court, your insurance company etc. please bring it with you to class.
This class is NOT a driver improvement class, it does NOT give you good points on your driving record.
Don't forget!!!
Please make sure to arrive before class begins------3538 Plank Road, Fredericksburg, VA 22407
Payment $75 cash or Money Order