Adult Re-Examination Class Part 1 & 2 "Stafford"

From 01/24/21 8:00 am until 01/24/21 5:00 pm
Categories: Adult Re-Examination

This is a general information to everyone registering for Adult Re-Examination Classroom instruction. Hopefully this helps you to better understand the process and be prepared for the first day of class. Please read all of this as it contains important information for your successful registration into this class.

Adult Re-Examination Class is for anyone age 19 & older. If you are an adult 19 & older and are in need of this class it would be because you have failed your sign/general knowledge test at the DMV 3 times.
  1. The Fee for this class is $300.
  2. The DMV requires you attend at least 8 hours of classroom instruction & successfully pass a final exam.
  3. Once you have completed your 8 hours of instruction you will take your final exam. If you successfully pass with an 80 or better, you will receive your certificate of competition and will then be able to return to DMV to take your test.
  4. If you DO NOT pass your final exam with an 80 or better, you will be able to attend as many of our 8 hour classes as needed until you pass your final up to a maximum of 90 days at no extra charge.

 Payment options are as follows:

1. Credit card payment online or at the office
    Please print off payment confirmation to give to instructor the first night of class or
2. Pay the first night of class, either cash, money order or credit card.

We NO longer accept checks!
You must have identification, please see the following options:
1. DMV ID card  
If you do not have a DMV ID card  then you must have:
1. A school ID & Social Security card
2. A passport & Social Security card
3. Birth Certificate & Social Security card
Registration Forms
You will need to completely fill out the registration form and class rules. 
On the information page about  Re-Examination Class you will see registration form 19 & older As well as the class rules. Please print these and fill out completely.
So don't forget the first day of class to bring your
1. Payment or proof of payment
2. Identification
3. Registration form & Class rules
 We are located at 2048-A JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY. STAFFORD VA 22554
Thank you for choosing A+ Driving School, we look forward to helping you be on your way to being a safe driver.

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