This Behind the Wheel Information is for students 18 & older ONLY!


Behind the wheel is a 7 day program consisting of 14 periods, 7 periods of observing and 7 periods of driving. Each period is 50 minutes.

• Behind the Wheel cannot consist of more than 2 periods within 24 hours.

• Day 7 will also include the road test.

• Behind the Wheel $350.00

• To be eligible for this course you must of completed the drivers education classroom.

  • You must provide the Original classroom completion certificate(no photo copies allowed!)

This will waive your 60 waiting period for holding your learners permit.

This allows you to take your DMV road test with our certified instructors in our vehicle.

Adult Behind the Wheel Form

Adult Behind the Wheel Emergency Form

You must call into the office to be placed on the schedule 540-288-1117